Friday, May 18, 2007

Rootie bats for Building New Hope

You don't have to be a baseball fan to fall in love with the new children's book, "Rootie Kazoo and the Final Pitch".

It's a poetic tale that captures and holds the attention of kids while pulling the heart strings of grown ups too. Parents especially will love Rootie Kazoo as he pitches his way to victory with the coaching advice of his Dad from the sidelines.

It has what every good book should have . A hero, a protagonist, the tense upward climb of drama, the climax and....since it is for kids....a happy ending. Well, happy for Rootie, his Dad, and their team. As for the other team....better luck next time.

If the title brings to mind Rootie Kazootie of the 1950s, keep in mind also that this Rootie is actually a dog, and unlike Kazootie, he doesn't play the Kazoo, he plays serious hardball.

Rootie and the Final Pitch isn't just another kid's book. It was artfully written by Dr. Jim Hardiman who dedicated it to this son, Luke, and for the children of Nicaragua. Profits from the sale of Rootie will be donated to Building New Hope to help in supporting our work here. That makes it doubly special for us.

Dr. Jim is a physician in Florida who treats free clinic patients, mainly Hispanic migrant workers. He's also a good friend of ours who has volunteered here in Nicaragua several times, treating the sick in the country's poorest regions, including the mountains of Matagalpa during the coffee price crisis that brought widespread hunger to small coffee farmers and their families.

We-re eager to help Rootie and the Final Pitch hit a homer by helping it into distribution. There are copies available in Maverick Lounge here in Granada. Drop by to take a look.