Monday, January 29, 2007

Chavalos Get a Taste of the U.S.

None of us had ever been out of our country before we were invited to visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the U.S. Even an invitation from Tom Murphy, then the Mayor of Pittsburgh, asked us meet with him in his City Hall chambers when we arrived.

We canvassed all the sights during in two weeks.....from the Museum of Natural History, to the Pittsburgh Zoo, the Carnegie Science Museum, and the University of Pittsburgh campus. But we also made ourselves known to a Rotary group, high school students in their Spanish classes, and on a Carnegie Mellon University radio program. It was an unbelievable, unforgettable experience!

Because we are chef students, we toured the Culinary Institute of Pittsburgh which we discovered to be...well.... slightly larger than our CafeChavalos. They have over 100 students there. We had 8 at the time.

Then there was a whole day at Whole Foods! What a supermarket fantasyland!

Then we did what we do best! ...We prepared a delicious buffet for many people who wanted to meet us. We served our famous gallo pinto along with chicken filet with salsa Azteca. Juan Carlos let us help him make his famous Peach Pan Bread for dessert (He's very particular about that so being able to help him was a very special moment!) We were a big hit!

The Pittsburgh organization that helps to support CafeChavalos , Building New Hope, sponsored us and arranged for the great time that we experienced.

Next we would like to go to the Bronx.

Chavalos visit Culinary Institute of Pittsburgh

Orlando and Oscar perform a Nicaraguan folkloric dance for a Pittsburgh middle school

Chef Chuck at Whole Foods tosses his famous salad for the Chavalos

Kim Wynnyckyj is the Whole Foods Marketing Director. She is definitely cool! But we couldn't talk her into getting tattoos like ours.

We're on the Ohio River at the Carnegie Science Center. We don't see many submarines in Nicaragua!

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