Monday, January 29, 2007

Pupusas in El Salvador

We Nicaraguans think that gallo pinto, a mixture of rice and beans, is the world's most perfect food. But we found the second best when we visited El Salvador......pupusas!

Pupusas are thick tortilla MADE BY HAND (very important!), then filled with beans or meat with potatoes and other good fillings. We did more than just eat pupusas....we learned to make them.

When we visited a women's shrimp collective in Jiquilisco, we met a woman who was making pupusas. When she heard that we were learning to be chefs, she gave us a pupusa lesson. Check out our photos.

That-s Oscar, Orlando, Papini and Juan Carlos flipping those delicacies from hand to hand. We are going to serve them in our new CafeChavalos when we open our restaurant. So bring your appetites and we may even give you a pupusa lesson too!


Anonymous said...

Do you have loroco in Nicaragua. Queso con loroco is my favourite pupusa! I can't wait to come and try out your food at the cafe. Good luck chavalos! from Gail in Guatemala

Anonymous said...

I liked the pupusas we got at a Salvadorean restaurant many years ago in California. My friend said they were like an inside out pizza.

Best of luck making them and I hope they're a smash hit at Cafe Chavalo.

BTW - What is loroco?

Anonymous said...

Loroco is a flower. It grows on a vine and you pick the bunch of flowers before they are fully open, it is still green, when it opens it is white. It is very popular in El Slavador and Guatemala. I can only compare it to asparagus but it is milder in flavor and delicious! Gail