Monday, January 29, 2007


After a hiatus of two long years, CafeChavalos will be back on the dining scene in a few months. We have finally begun the process of purchasing a wonderful space to call our own. It is on the corner of Calles Martirio and Arsenal in the beautiful colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua.

We are working hard to pay the price. Cordoba by cordoba we have been able to pay the down payment. Now we must pay 4 equal payments throughout the year to actually own our restaurant!

The space is beautiful, and we intend to create another CafeChavalos that is as professional as well as "fun" as our original Cafe. But this time we will recruit more Chavalos to take part in our project.

We want our same philosophy to continue. Our new Chavalos will be older adolescents who have had difficulties in their lives....drugs, life on the street, gang relations....but now have a deep desire to head in a different, more positive direction. We in the CafeChavalos program have all had negative experiences and were heading down a road of destruction. We know the story. We saw where we were heading. We hope to build a new road for the new Chavalos to join us on a march toward successful lives.

It will all begin for them in the kitchen of CafeChavalos!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have pitaya juice on the menu, I had that for the first time ever in Granada and I have never seen it anywhere else.
Good luck chavalos you are going to do a fantastic job. From a fan!

Maureen Shanley said...

Donna, you continue to amaze me!!! I wish you and your group of young gentlemen all the very best in your new endeavor.

wenda said...

HI Donna and Boys,
I cannot wait to see and taste the new Cafe Chavalos.
I'm so proud of you all and you should be too. Looking forwrd to seeing you all again!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to hear you will reopen, and in my old neighborhood too. I miss my meals and friends there and wish you the very best. Larry Henson

Jeff Poole said...

Our Spanish club is hoping to sell some of the new coffee coming in March to help with the payments! We will let you know how it goes. Great to hear you have got a place. I wish you many happy tourist!

¡Chavalos, si vuelven a pennsylvania andamos en bicicleta de nuevo! ¡Buena suerte con el Cafe!

Anonymous said...

I had the honor of attending a Cafe Chavalos "On the Road" Breakfast this week. Thank you Guillermo, Oscar, Juan Carlos and Donna! You can come back and visit us in Guatemala whenever you want! I have never eaten such delicious eggs and beans! You guys are going to have the best breakfast in Central America if not the World! I hope to be in Granada in June to toast you with a Mimosa and try something else from your repertoire! Muchas gracias, Gail Rogers